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One of the singularly most powerful creatures ever created by the esolons, unicorns and their riders have formed a knighthood autonomous from the Alyres and its Teyrauror. Although resembling powerfully built horses with a massive spire erupting from their foreheads, the riders of unicorns swear their intelligence is as great as any elf.

Physical Characteristics and Anatomy


Unicorns are a creation of the esolons, but the exact recipe that went into their creation has been lost to the ages. Today, unicorns resemble large horses with a  massive pearly white spiral horn. They can be are always a solid color, with white accounting for 90% of all unicorns, and black for 5%. Other colors include pale blue, pale purple and pale red. A unicorn's mane and fur is always silky no matter the conditions it finds itself in. Its fur repels water and dirt.


A unicorn can gallop at over 40 miles per hour, and can sprint much faster than that. They have great endurance as well. Unicorns are more agile than the average horse, but not as agile as a deer or antelope. A unicorn's hide is thick enough to turn almost any slashing blow and most piercing attacks will bounce off.


When heading into battle, unicorns wear thick elven plate barding that adds to their incredible defense and to the momentum of their powerful charges. Records exist of unicorns in full battle armor charging through steel walls. The density of their horn is such that it is believed unbreakable so long as the unicorn still lives.


Unicorns regularly measure over 18 hands tall and are nearly always over two tons of solid muscle. Their bones are incredibly dense, and without magickal assistance, unicorns must cross lakes and rivers by walking on the bottom, as they are too dense to swim. However, unicorns appear able to breathe underwater as there are instances of unicorns being under for excess of three hours. This may be due to increased lung capacity or some magickal ability.


Unicorns live as long as their elven riders do, but there are rumors that unicorns without riders can live even longer.

Behavior and Diet


Unicorns are generally herbivorous. Although they will eat anything their rider gives them and seem to be able to digest any sort of food. It is believed that a portion of a unicorn's natural magicks goes towards allowing it to live without the need for more food. Unicorns drink over 30 gallons of water a day  when they are able to. They are partial to elven wine.


In the wild, unicorns are solitary creatures, but may form friends with any of the animals living in the lands they call home. Most animals will defend a unicorn as they would themselves. Within the Alyres, unicorns form close bonds with their chosen rider, and socialize amongst themselves. Unicorns are peaceful creatures, but will act in a cause they consider honorable or necessary.


Unicorns mate rarely, and any foal is considered a rare and valuable thing. When a unicorn is born, it is announced across the Alyres and there is a day of celebration. This celebration is taken even more seriously within the Unicorn Knights, and they will sometimes have an entire week or month of celebration to celebrate a birth.


Unicorns mate for life, but may be away from their mate for decades at a time. Unicorns have live births. A newborn is able to run, but is very clumsy and everyone is very protective of it. A birth in the wild is in some ways even more of an event, as animals that are natural enemies join together to protect the newborn along with its parents.

Language and Communication


Unicorns are capable of the entire range of noises horses can make, and this is all that most creatures know about them. To those that a unicorn befriends however, it is known that they can communicate telepathically.


Unicorns radiate an aura of peace and well-being to envelop their friends, and frequently speak with their riders and other unicorns. Much more rarely they will speak with another unicorn's rider, as this is considered rude in some situations. Almost never will  a unicorn speak with a creature outside of the Unicorn Knights.

Habitat and Environment


Wild unicorns can sometimes be found in temperate woods, but they are able to survive in any terrain.

Civilizations and Organizations


The Unicorn Knights - An autonomous military organization within the Alyres consisting of unicorns, their riders, potential riders and a small support staff. One of the most powerful forces within the Alyres, but restricted in their use in that they only fight in battles they consider honorable or in defense of the Alyres.



Unicorns frequently wear advanced elven barding at the cutting edge of armorsmithing, but rely on magick otherwise.

Magicks and Abilities


Unicorns are intelligent enough to learn universal magicks, but most rely on their natural abilities exclusively. Unicorns possess telepathy, the ability to neutralize poisons, cure diseases and wounds, and a variety of other abilities.


Aura of Peace - Soothes allies and boosts morale, calms enemies. Prevents bugs from swarming around the unicorn or biting the unicorn.

Neutralize poison/purify - By touching its horn to an afflicted creature (or substance), the unicorn removes any impurities.

Telepathy - Unknown range.

Known and Unknown History


Created by the esolons in their search for the perfect mount, the unicorns were a huge success, but were discovered not to be tractable enough for esolonian needs. They were first created millions of years ago, and have flourished since. They have become a permanent part of elven society, and have inspired wonder across IIo.


Their genetics have varied little over the years, and unicorns of today are nearly identical to unicorns 50 million years ago. They seem content with their role in the Alyres, and little has changed since the formation of the Unicorn Knights.

Beliefs, Legends, and Religion


Although unicorns are well aware of their creation at the hands of the esolons, they believe that their creation was predetermined and came to be in order to bring a strong force of good into the world to help guide the elves into balance with the multiverse.


Unicorns also believe that the first unicorn still lives deep in the heart of the wilds of Lysia, but that the first unicorn is as far above them as they are above regular horses.


Unicorns believe in a universal good that helps pull all things to their proper place within the universe.

Relations, Alliances, and Vendettas


Unicorns are friendly with the Unicorn Knights and other unicorns, as well as with all natural animals.



A rare creature that is a magickal amalgamation of unicorns and elves that was the product of love across the species. This species is kept hidden within the Unicorn Knights, and few beings are aware of their existence.

Class Tendencies and Racial Specific Classes


Unicorns will sometimes deign to learn different professions over their long lifespans, and often learn at least a little of anything their rider does.