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Cannibalistic, ego-centric, and cruel, the aviadins have stolen the magicks and secrets of the ancient Saurians in order to extend their dominion over all of IIo. The aviadins have perverted all remnants of the once glorious civilizations and steadily work to try to bring about the end for all other races.

Physical Characteristics and Anatomy

Aviadins are tall, skinny humanoids covered in feathers and possessing a large and sharp beak full of teeth. Although described as birdmen, aviadins lack wings. Both their feet and hands possess four talons with one opposable. The bones of aviadins are hollow and they are frail, but possess a wiry strength that belies their small size.


The stomachs of aviadins are capable of digesting raw meat as well as rotting meat. Aviadins lay eggs.


Behavior and Diet


Aviadins are maniacal, ego-centric creatures with delusions of grandeur. They have established themselves as living gods to lizardfolk and kobolds, and even within their own society, the avish shamans are the "gods of the gods".


Aviadins are cannibalistic and prefer the meat of intelligent creatures. They maintain flocks of dinosaurs for steady supplies of leather, bones and meat. Aviadin shamans always inhabit a large central temple that extends deep into the bowels of the planet. Only aviadins that have been selected to become shamans or are already shamans are allowed on the grounds of the temple.


Language and Communication


Aviadins speak a crude form of the Saurian language, which they insist is the proper tongue. Aviadins are unable to communicate with birds and most other animals, but dinosaurs seem to understand Saurian to a limited degree.


Habitat and Environment


Aviadins most commonly inhabit mountainous areas and tablelands. Most aviadin communities try to be near a subservient lizardfolk community for added protection.


Civilizations and Organizations




Although rarely do aviadins create technology at a level beyond the stone age, they regularly possess the technology of other races that they have taken through war.


Magicks and Abilities


The shamanistic magicks of the aviadins rely on harnessing the latent magicks of ancient saurian fossils. Using this magick allows the shamans to create almost any effect, but typically the aviadins use their magick specifically to create dinosaurs, summon fire, earth and lightning, and to empower themselves.


Known and Unknown History


Aviadins first came into existence shortly after the Sundering of the Seal of the Seven Archmagi. Birds were the only creatures able to reach the ancient citadels of the Saurians, and were genetically similar enough to the ancient Saurians to be effected by their latent magicks. The DNA of the birds was ripped apart and reformed into something one step closer to the ancient Saurians.


Thus the aviadins were born.


Since their creation, the aviadins have used every thing they could get their talons on to ensure their superiority and eventual world domination. Their fear for the very tools they utilize the most, the lizardfolk and dinosaurs, prevents their plans from ever coming to fruition and has caused an uneasy balance between the aviadins and whatever communities lie near them.


Beliefs, Legends, and Religion


The average aviadin is taught to worship their shamans as gods, and even most lesser shamans worship the shamans of higher rank. Very few shamans across the world are aware of the lie that is their religion.  These shamans are the deadliest and possess the power of the ancient Saurian citadels. Even they believe they are walking gods, and woe to any creature that disagrees.


Relations, Alliances, and Vendettas


Aviadins are enemies with almost every civilization on the face of IIo, and they would be enemies with the creatures of other Realms if they possessed the ability to travel there. The only "allies" of aviadins are the lizardfolk, but even these creatures are forced into a life of slavery.




Aviadins are genetically a cross between Saurians and birds, but are not able to breed with either.


Class Tendencies and Racial Specific Classes



Dinosaur Trainer


Notable Creatures