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Book I - The Throne of Ao

What would you give up to save the world? A nation? A friend? A stranger? These are the questions Val faces as he goes on a journey to find a cure for the Culling. A quest that takes him across the fantastic world of Ao, encountering elves, minotaurs and dragons as he strives to cure a disease that feeds on magick itself. Joining Val on his quest is Uriel, an elementalist of overwhelming power, but lacking the control he needs to truly master his abilities, and Maryl, a powerful gnomish empath who becomes the heart of the group.

Along the way, they meet Hilde, a retired knight whose honor keeps her from settling down, Deckard, a roguish brigand whose heritage is as mysterious as his incredible capacity for mead, Egari, an outcast dwarven earth-caller whose curiousity for other races hides a dark past, and Balolsur, a mazetouched minotaur that is afflicted with a terrible disease. Together, they fight against evil warlords, ancient prejudices, plague, famine and war, and the mysterious force that seems to be manipulating everything.

Full of action, fantastic creatures and mysteries, The Throne of Ao will keep you on the edge of your seat until the novel's startling and powerful conclusion.

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Book II - The Towers of Aeruen

Planned Release: Fall '13

Join the survivors of Book I - The Throne of Ao and meet new faces eager to prove themselves in the sequel to Book I.

War such as has not been seen in centuries is coming...