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The main character of the first part of Champion of the Gods, Eager-Fangs is a lizardfolk that has begun to question the teachings of the aviadins.

Names and Pseudonyms


Brown the Eager



Brown lizardfolk/male



18 years old



Full Height: 219 cm/86 in

Normal Posture: 178 cm/70 in



193 kg/425 lbs



Worships aviadins (in particular their shamans) as both creator and master



Warrior of the Brown



A member of his lizardfolk village, itself a member of a series of lizardfolk villages that combine to form armies at the behest of the aviadins.



Eager-Fangs is as strong as any brown lizardman, but as his name suggests, usually outpaces his comrades in his eagerness to get to battle. His motivation allows him to combat fatigue and his body has long adapted to provide greater than usual stamina. He does not possess great dexterity or agility, and relies on his strength and mass to carry him through battle. Although he is both creative and has a high capacity to learn, Eager-Fangs has never applied himself to anything other than learning the teachings of the aviadins and learning how to fight.



Eager-Fangs is a powerful brown lizardman with the usual scars and natural attributes of any lizardfolk. He dotes on his only son, and has fallen in standing amongst the brown as a result.



Lizardfolk variant of Saurian - Able to communicate with most other lizardfolk communities regardless of their location, as well as able to understand the avish variant of Saurian.

Avish variant of Saurian - Knows a smattering of unique vocabulary and able to speak heavily accented Avish.


Skills and Abilities

Eager-Fangs possesses limited combat abilities and relies more on his natural attributes than technique and skill. He knows how to use his fangs and claws in conjunction with his powerful strength and thick hide to lay about any enemy that confronts him as all brown lizardfolk are taught.

Eager-Fangs has no magickal abilities, but several racial traits that are unique:

Saurian Blood - As the descendents of the ancient saurians, lizardfolk are able to utilize magickal artifacts from that ancient civilization, as well as possessing a powerful magickal ingredient within their veins.

Heat-Vision - The two pits located on the sides of every lizardfolk's head enable them to detect heat sources. Although separate from their natural vision, their brains interpret the information as colors (i.e. hot things are red, cold things are blue, etc) and overlay the images with the lizardfolk's natural sight.



Most lizardfolk rely on little if any equipment, and Eager-Fangs is no exception. The brief concession he makes is to wear a piece of leather that hangs from a cord between his teeth to provide some throat protection. Otherwise, Eager-Fangs goes into battle with only his claws and his fangs and the minimal clothing that all lizardfolk wear.


Known Allies and Contacts

The lizardfolk that make up the armies of the aviadins, and his avish masters are the only creatures that Eager-Fangs count among his allies.



Known Enemies

Any creature that opposes the aviadins, including the communities of ranines and laorcs.



Dig-Well, Eager-Fangs older brother (deceased);

Eager-Son, the son of Eager-Fangs, age 4.


Homeland/Current Home

Eager-Fangs hails from and currently lives amongst the lizardfolk of the Marsh of Anosh in a moderate sized community.



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