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Adamant/Adamantite - The raw ore that can be processed into adamantium.

Adamantine - A rare gemstone that is the hardest known substance on IIo, being able to cut through adamantium and unbreakable for all practical purposes.

Adamantium - One of the hardest known metal alloys, created from adamant.

- Singular: aegis. Not captilized. Any of various magickal life-preserving shields utilized offworld to ward off the Void.

Aegis - The Aegis is the proper name for the fabric of the cosmos. It is the barrier between each Realm of Existence. Crossing the Aegis becomes exponentially more difficult with power, and frequently causes a Lessening in the creature attempting to cross.

- The name of the continent of IIo housing the Alyres. Aerth is derived from a name meaning literally, "true Lysia."

- Also known as the Towers of Aeruen; a hume metropolis located in southwest Morin. Famed for the vast numbers of elementalists that call the city their home.

- One of the two magicks that universal true magick polarized into. Traditionally associated with dragons, all creatures of the Aether Realms can utilize it to varying degrees.

Aether Crystals - Condensed raw aether.

Aether Realms
- The ancient homeland of dragons. Believed destroyed.

Alchemy - A universal magick dealing with creating potions, elixirs, and other alchemical substances.

Alchemists - An expert in alchemy.

- An ancient alliance formed by the races of IIo against the galts.

- Any of the members of the Aloedae.

- The great empire of the elves. Although it is translated as empire in other languages, there has only ever been one Alyres.

Antimagick - A force that causes spells to fall apart. Present in cold iron and in dwarves.

- A race of peaceful birdmen possessing stone age technology.

Archaeopteryxes - One of the race of dinosaurs in service to the aviadins. Serves as their mounts.

Archmagi - Any of the seven ancient humes that managed to seal the First Gate and banish the ancient elves back to Lysia.

Archmagus - The hume god of magick.

- The chief diet of the Ursa, ruler of the Realm of All. Companion of the Wanderer.

Astral Realm - The Realm containing all Realms; believed to be composed of all magick.

Atlantis - The common name for Yesuria; used most often to refer to ancient Yesuria, which was formed at the First Gate and fell beneath the sea when the First Gate was sealed.

- A vile race of birdmen known for their fossil worship and voracious appetites.


Basart - A small town renown for the massive statue of a basilisk in the town square. The legend goes that the statue is a real basilisk that may someday recover from its petrification.

Basilisks - Any of a variety of lizards characterized by their petrifying venom and stares.

Bershidai - The orcish concept of the bestial side of nature.

- Ancient term used to refer to the first two realms: those of Aether, and those of Nether.

Blaek Wilds
- A dark forest east of the Elfwall Mountains.

Blood Magi
- Magick-users that have begun to use the forbidden blood magick; they will eventually become vampires.

Blood Magick - A type of magick that relies on the power inherent in blood to work. Frequently, that blood is acquired by draining others.


Cancer - Form that the Culling took during the Seal of the Archmagi.

- A highly disciplined race of creatures resembling half-hume/half-horses. Their discipline allows them to use chi.

- A dinosaur possessing a large faceplate and anywhere from one to twelve horns adorning its plate and beak.

Ceruphal Wastes - A massive salt plain littered with the bones of ancient sea-dwellers.

Chimaera - One of the creations of the esolons characterized by three heads, a lion, a dragon, and a goat, along with a scorpion's tail.

Cold Iron - A metal stronger than iron that is utilized frequently by dwarves. Generates antimagick.

Comet - Also known as the second cataclysm, the Comet was summoned/created by the dragons to destroy the saurians.

- Any created semi-automated device rarely possessing sentience.

- Mutation caused by exposure to high levels of aether or nether. Originally called "demonization."

Coward - Although this word is used normally, in the dialect of Saurian that lizardfolk make use of, this word is much more powerful. Many scholars choose to translate it as, "one that doesn't even deserve to die." In most lizardfolk communities under the rule of aviadins, any of the folk that return alive from an avish war are labeled cowards and typically live as slaves until the next war where they attempt to prove they are worthy of death.

- Arguably the greatest metropolis of the dwarves. Its patron god is Anden.

Crown of IIo
- The massive domed amphitheater atop the Throne of IIo. Also known as the Tear of Arcturus.

Culling - A disease afflicting the Tauren Races and linked to the creation of the multiverse.

- Galts created by mixing machinery with the dead of their enemies. Used as a psychological weapon as well as a physical one.


Dancing (Elven) - The standard translation of the high elven word that generally means, "to do battle".

Dancing (Ritual Magick) - A type of universal magick accessible to those who have the strength of will and agility and flexibility of body to master it.

Deimos Model
- See cyborgs.

Delanstand - A hume town named after Delan and his famous final stand against the elves on the Unthal Mountains.

- An archaic term referring specifically to corruption by nether magick.

- A legendary monster.

Devastation of the World - Also known as the Sundering of the Seal of the Archmagi; refers to a failed attempt to destroy the multiverse that nevertheless had far-reaching effects and resulted in the immediate destruction of the Seal of the Archmagi.

Dimensional Flux
- A liqueified form of the Aegis.

Dimensional Whirlpool
- See Raemgii.

- See Realms.

- Any of the monstrosities created by the aviadins in their dark experiments involving fossilized saurians.

Dishonor/Dishonour - Along with the normal definition of the word, dishonour also refers to the magickal system of the ranines; typically spelled with a 'u' when used in this manner.

Doppelgangers - A peaceful race originating from the Nether Realms that can shapechange at will.

Dragon-Gods - A term referring to the pre-Lessened dragons existing before the creation of the multiverse.

Dragons - A legendary creature that (according to them) created the universe. None have been seen in over 20,000 years.

Drakes - A type of bipedal dragon.

Drak'teranians - (Land Worms) Large land-based dragons that cannot fly by physical means.

Dryads - Sylvan creatures that survived the migration to IIo by uniting with the spirits of trees. Attacks with the force of nature.

Dwarves - A race of short, stocky humanoids living deep in the planet. Believed to be the children of the planet.


E - A spoken draconic word indicating possession or belonging.

Earth Priests - A dwarven priest that forms a commune with the god of a terrain. Acquires limited power over the land to do with as the earth priest sees fit.

- The building blocks of matter on IIo, elements are condensed forms of the elemental magick of the planet. Commonly used by alchemists.

- A hume magick user utilizing the magicks of the elements. Archaically, this term also referred to earth priests and Saurian magick users.

Elfwall Mountains - A range of mountains extending from the Halyean Sea to the Deadlands, and separating Morin from Aerth.

Elven Crests
- A magickal key tuned to specific elves. Requires lithia to operate.

Elven Crossbows - A type of ranged weapon that is loaded with lithia cells to shoot bursts of magick.

Elven Cruisers - Flying ships that travel the leylines of IIo.

- The dominant species of the Realm of Lysia, they also inhabit IIo. They consist of three main races, the Elysia, high elves, and wild elves.

Elves, High - High elves are the result of those Elysia that fled Lysia for IIo when Nova erupted. They retain a magickal link (Lithia) to their home Realm.

Elves, Wild - High elves that sundered their link to Lysia to forge a new one to their new home of IIo became known as the Wild Elves.

Elysia, The - The first (known) race of elves, the Elysia stayed behind on Lysia when their sun (Nova) exploded. The resulting shower of magick and radiation altered them forever.

Emloringar - Dwarven word for "empath." Also appears in the form, "emlor" when used as a title.

Enchantment - A term referring to imbuing an object, place, or person with magickal properties.

- A title meaning "older dragon," amongst other things, in spoken draconic.

- The esolons are a group of elven wizards that regularly experiment in the alteration of genetics and magicks to create new creatures and enhance old ones. Once heralded by all elves, the esolons have fallen out of favor with their development of creatures like humes and chimaera.

Estal Tablelands - South of the Weald of Ealo, the Estal Tablelands are the home of the aviadins and many of their foul pets.


Fae - An ancient name for Lysia.

Faeish - The common language of the Faerie Realms.

Faerie Dust
- Ground up stone from the Faerie Realms. Contains both the Mist and the Firmament.

Faerie Circles/Faerie Gates
- A particular type of gate enabling travel between IIo and the Faerie Realms or Lysia and the Faerie Realms. Naturally occuring.

Faerie Realms
- The Realm created between Lysia and IIo when the First Gate was formed.

Falak - A great multi-headed serpent believed to have originated from the Comet; Falak is the Ruler of the Realm of Fire, and is (hopefully) trapped in that Realm's adamantine walls.

Fasara um Lithia
- An organization of elves (and rarely other creatures) dedicated to the pursuit of magick. A small sect of this group has charged themselves with exterminating blood magi.

Fey - The faerie races.

Firmament of the Faerie Realms
- One of the two elements of the Faerie Realms; believed to come from IIo.

First Gate
- The first gate created between the Realms of IIo and Lysia. A source of immeasurable power that was lost after the Seal of the Archmagi.

First Law of Magick - See laws of magick.

Fogs of Time
- Fogs of legend arising from the home of the Guardian of Time. It is said that the fogs can transplant creatures to other worlds.


Gaea - The primary continent of the galts. Almost half of Gaea was destroyed during the Lumen Masolovat.

- Their name means literally, "those created by love," the Galateans were created by the technology of humes, but have acquired sentience and rebelled.

Galts/Galtean - The common name for Galateans. The word, "galt," refers to a single member of that species. "Galtean" is an adjective describing things that come from the Galateans.

Gargoyles - A race of creatures that can turn to stone to recover their wounds and energy. Very territorial and frequently utilized as guardians.

Gates - A magickal doorway that provides instantaneous travel to a separate location to any that step through. The Lithia is a form of a Gate in which only magick passes through.

Gate of the North - See Stahlgard.

Ghoul Rot - A disease that commonly occurs in necrotic or rotting flesh, but also is carried by ghouls; vicitims that succumb to this disease usually rise as ghouls.

Ghouls - A ravenous type of undead that is never full. Much stronger, faster and more aware than zombies.

Giants - One of the Tauren Races; resembles giant-sized humes.

Giants Rest - A valley between the Anden Mountains and the Watchtower Mountains.

Gnomes - An offshoot of the main dwarven race. These creatures are at home in the forest and can speak to animals.

- The language of gnomes, and an adjective describing them.

- Also known as changelings, these creatures are the result of demonic intermingling with the native races of IIo.

Golden Era of Humeity - Usually used derogatorily by other races, refers to when humes ruled IIo during the Seal of the Archmagi.

- The hume god of protection, unity, and technology; Golem is the protector and legendary founder of Golgard.

Golgard - One of the few metropolises of the humes, Golgard relies on its lightning technology for its many wonders.

Grael - The shortened name for a small village of gnomes.

Grandfather - The eldest dragon of IIo.

Grevorin Mountains - An ancient mountain range south of Aeruen.


Halyean Sea - A landlocked sea surrounded by Aerth on its southern coast and Morin on its northern coast.

- A cruel race of feathered humanoid mammals. Experts in poison.

Heavens - The name for the many great floating metropolises of the Alyres.

Homerealm - The faerie equivalent of a house; a private pocket dimension existing in the Faerie Realms.

Honor/Honour - Along with the normal definition of the word, honour also refers to the magickal system of the ranines; typically spelled with a 'u' to avoid confusion.

Horus - A device used to measure the levels of the Six Realms of the Ursa in a given location.

- Derogatory term for humes; literally means, "the people born from laughter and living in mourning".

Humes - Alike to humans in all respects, although capable of magick. Their name means, "the laughing people."


Ice Flowers - A popular type of decoration in the frozen north.

- A race of fish-people known worldwide for their extensive trading network and shrewd merchants.

IIo - The name for both the main Realm of Existence War of the Ages takes place in, and the primary planet in that Realm. IIo is an ancient draconian word meaning, roughly, "the last stronghold."

IIonians - A race of humanoids believed to be blessed by dragons. Possess some draconic characteristics.


Junaroh - The only hume metropolis existing on the continent of Aerth, but it is firmly under the control of the Alyres.


Karamshar - Dwarven for landshark; literally means, "one who crashes."

Kelaria - A great barbarian city in northwest Morin that is composed almost entirely of tents. Its population swells during festival years when the barbarian kings meet in peace.

Kobolds - A race of diminutive creatures viewed as pests by most. Frequently found underfoot in lizardfolk communities.


Landsharks - Massive armored beasts that can burrow through stone as easily as dirt. Named for the large armored fin adorning their back.

- Orcs that worship their concept of nature. They are known for their many animal totems.

Laws of Magick
- Any of the many universal laws of magick; they have many parallels amongst the laws of physics. The First Law (or Fundamental Law) states that magick is naturally balanced and when unbalanced corrects itself.

- A terrible weakening of magickal power that affects creatures of great power. Not capitalized. The Lessenings, in particular, refer to the many weakenings of dragons.

- The Ruler of the Realm of Water; Leviathan is believed to be the largest creature on the planet. Mother of the Tarasque.

Leylines - Typically refers to the great causeways of elven magick that spread out across IIo after the formation of the First Gate. High elves are able to draw in magick quicker in close proximity to leylines.

Lifequests - A common ritual amongst many humes where a child chooses a task and upon completion is considered an adult and usually a citizen.

- The name for the link that high elves have to their home Realm of Lysia; enables them to draw on magickal power from that dimension. When not capitalized, "lithia" may refer to elven magicks in general (and not the link/Gate specifically), while "lith" is the currency of the Alyres, backed by magick.

Lithia Cells
- Containers manufactures by high elves to contain their magicks.

Living Dead - Those unfortunate people that have died and been able to be resurrected (without becoming undead).

Living Metal - An organic metal that naturally forms on second and later generation cyborgs.

Lizardfolk - A race of lizardmen under the control of the aviadins. Regimented caste system in each village.

Lodestone - A magnetic stone considered holy by the Ursa. Also known as magnetite.

Lumen Masolovat - Literally, "light's triumph over evil," the Lumen Masolovat is a holiday celebrated by most of the races of the world to commemorate the defeat of the galts.

- The hume celebration that has replaced the Lumen Masolovat. Most humes celebrate on the solstice in order to ward off the Nemesis and welcome in the Mother, whose triumph is evident by the days starting to lengthen. Elves are frequently horrified by this bastardization of the words, Lumen Masolovat, since in Elven, "Lumenmas" means "unholy light."

Lycanthropes - Any of the various races of were-people that can change shape into an animal.

Lycanthropy - The disease that is carried by all lycanthropes. Carries the genetic information of the carrier's animal form.

Lysia - The name for the Realm of Existence that elves originate from, and also for the only known planet of that Realm.

Lysian Tech - The technology of the high elves; relies on lithia to operate.


Magick - The ability to alter reality; archaically, magick referred to all matter and energy; sometimes used by philosophers to refer to the concept of "free will".

Magick Foci (singular: focus) - A region of the planet where magick flows easier. Will devolop into a magick well over time if gone unused.

Magick Wells - A font of naturally occuring magickal energy that can be drawn upon by those near its nexus. A magick focus is also sometimes known as a magick well, causing no end of confusion.

Magicker - A practitioner of the magickal arts, typically one of little skill or a beginner, but also used when referring to many users of magick.

Magickian - Usually used to refer to a master of the magickal arts; rarely, "magickian" (not capitalized) can mean any magick-user, but "magicker" is used more often for this meaning.

Marsh of Anosh - A dark swampland south of the Palana Jungles and nestled in the southern nook of the Trikelas.

- Energy or magick.

- The Minoan concept of reality.

Mazeless - A class of minotaurs that have rejected the religion of the Maze. Experts at using the terrain and area around them against their opponents.

- Usage similar to "mister" or "master" in spoken Draconic, mazen is a title meaning older.

Mazetouched - A subspecies of minotaur mutated by the magicks of the Maze.

- A profession within the minotaurs dedicated to discovering the mysteries of the Maze. Utilizes illusion and reality-warping magicks.

Memory Keeper - A hume god ruling over all hume knowledge and memories.

Memory Stones - Stones commemorating the lives of fallen humes; sacred to the Memory Keeper.

Mimics - A race of fey that takes the shape of an item in order to remain outside of the Faerie Realms for long periods of time.

Minotaurs - One of the Tauren Races, resembles a great bipedal bull. Believes all of existence is part of the Maze.

Mist - One of the two base elements of the Faerie Realms; believed to have originated from Lysia.

Miststep - A technique utilized by fey to move through the Mist to a different location.

- A rare and precious metal that is stronger and lighter than steel.

- The continent directly to the north of Aerth.

Morinese - The common language of the continent of Morin.

Morrigna - A race of fey that feed on the life-force of killers. Commonly encountered in the shape of a crow.

Mother, The
- The chief deity of humes. It is believed that humes came forth from the laughter caused by the joy over the birth of her first child. The goddess of the sun.

Multiverse - Refers to the (possibly) infinite Realms connected by the Astral Realm.

- Allied with the galts, these beasts operate the nuclear plants of the galts.


Nanogalts - Microscopic galts that travel in swarms. Can enter the bloodstream/inner-workings of most creatures.

Nature Callers - A type of wild elven magick user.

Nemesis, The - The chief adversary in the hume religion. The Nemesis is believed to cause winter and is the goddess of the moon.

Nether - One of the two magicks that universal true magick first polarized into. Traditionally associated with demons, all denizens of the Nether Realms can utilize it to some degree.

Nether Realms - The current home dimension to demons and many other terrors.

Noman Mountains - The mountains south of the Estal Tablelands. Border the Deadlands.

Norai - An expansionistic and powerful kingdom located in eastern Morin where men are slaves. Ruled by Queen Annorentia.

Norone - The capitol of Norai.

Noronian Brooch - A magickal item that allows the wearer to leach strength through those wearing matching collars.

- A star god of Lysia; exploded in a great cataclysm millions of years ago in conjuction with the coming of the Comet on IIo. The two events created the First Gate.

Nymph - A creature that is born in sites of great natural beauty. Although nymphs die when removed from their homelands, they are frequently harvested for experiments for dark magick-users.


Ogres - Commonly used to refer to exiled giants as well as giants born with deformities, ogres also refers to a separate race of creatures much small and more brutish than giants.

Old Ones
- A high elven address or title to dragons. The proper address is, "Those that are ancient beyond ancient."

- The cities of the galts.

- Amongst other meanings, it is a respectful title meaning, "older" in spoken Draconic.

Omniment - Like other elements, but composed of the magick of all elements.

Omnimental - The hume god of elementalists.

Orcs of Bershidai - (AKA blood orcs) The orcs of Bershidai are physically the same as laorcs, but are much more violent and prone to cruelty.

Ozone Layer - The non-magickal form of an aegis. Term used during the Golden Era of Humeity.


Palana Jungles - The jungles between the Weald of Ealo, the Marsh of Anosh, and the Trikelas.

- A plant formed from the natural collection of universal magicks over the course of millions of years. Believed to be able to cure anything, and the source of the Elixir of Life.

- The chief deity of the galts, believed to be a multidimensional entity located deep in space. Credited with granting sentience to the galts.

Pedorian Plains - A great grassland south of the Ceruphal Wastes.

Pool of Honor - Any of the large pools at the center of Ranian communities where they lay their eggs and infuse the waters of the pool with their special honor magicks.

- The supercomputer ruler of the galts that first acquired sentience and brought sentience to all galts.

Pteryadons - One of the flying dinosaurs of the aviadins.



Raïmgii - Commonly known as "dimensional whirlpools" or as Realm Ways; raïmgii are sites of dimensional instability where travel between Realms is likely to occur. Not linked to any single Realm.

Raïmgis - Literally, "torn Aegis," the Raïmgis is the largest hole in the Aegis and is located at the center of the Undying Storm.

- A race of frogmen that live and die by their honor.

Rank, Universal - Across IIo and Lysia, no matter what the profession, there are four attainable ranks, with two distinctions (distinctions in parentheses): (beginner/amateur), apprentice, journeyman, (professional), master, and sage. Different professions have different requirements before one is considered one of the four ranks. It is believed that this tradition was passed down by dragons, although elves claim it was their idea as a way to regulate the price of slaves.

Realm of Existence
- A dimension; the word "realm" has also come to mean "world" and even "kingdom."

Realms of the Ursa - The six cardinal directions in Ursan religion. Each direction is ruled over by a great beast. They are: the Realm of Land (East), ruled by Behemoth; the Realm of Water (West), ruled by Leviathan; the Realm of Air (South), ruled by Ziz; the Realm of All (North), ruled by Arcturus; the Realm of Fire (Below), ruled by Falak; and the Realm of Cosmos (Above), ruled by Bahamut.

Recipe/Ritual Magicks - Any type of magick that can be accessed by following a "recipe." Includes, amongst others: alchemy, cooking, crafting, dancing, singing, and witchcraft.

- The holy act of mating amongst doppelgangers.

- Resembling giant mantises, these beasts are tamed by dwarves for use as mounts.

Runestones - A type of stone imbued with a word of power that can be used by someone without magick.


Sanguine Pestilence - A terrible affliction causing swelling of the veins, hemophilia, madness, and death, amongst other symptoms. There is no known cure for the Sanguine Pestilence, and it is even resistant to magickal healing.

Satu-yria - Any of the races of sylvan creatures resembling horned animals of IIo. Very cruel. They include the Ga-yria, Ra-yria, and the Da-yria amongst others.

- The symbol of merchants of IIo. Typically denotes a neutral location or even a place of refuge.

Sea of Trite
- A sea east of the Throne of IIo and north of the Trikelas.

Seal of the Archmagi - A legendary barrier placed on the Realm of IIo that blocked out nearly all magick for over 10,000 years.

Seals - A generic term referring to a variety of magickal objects; including: wards, seals, script, spells, runestones, and others.

Seelie - Those of the fey that make their homes in the Realms Above.

- The dwarven goddess of the moon. Believed to be an evil twin to Wochirden. The only god in the dwarven pantheon that is referred to without the "-den" adjective.

Selunirden - One of the strongest curses in dwarven. The proper name for the god of the moon.

Shadow Dancers
- The result of forced mating between nymphs and the torakage. Born into slavery.

Sky Dragons - A race of dragons possessing hind legs, powerful wings, a long tail, and a breath of lightning; known for their natural skill in magick, their love of the skies, and their amicable personalities.

Slime of Dignity - The mucus covering all ranines that protects them from pollutants and allows them to be away from water for extended periods of time.

- The symbol representing the eternal war of the Mother and the Nemesis. In its typical form, a solune represents a partially eclipsed sun with eight points. On the lit side of the sun, the three points are dark, on the eclipsed side, the three points are white. The middle two points are half-white, half-black.

Sryfe River - A river flowing from the Trikelas north to the Sea of Trite, and one of the natural borders for the region around the Throne of IIo.

Stahl Lake - A lake east and north of Stahlgard.

Stahlgard - An ancient fort erected as a last defense against the elves of the Alyres. Now a regular stopping point for caravans on their way to Crandendingar. Originally known as the Gate to the North.

Starshards - Fragments of the physical form of Wochirden.

Star Silver
- A metal that falls to Lysia from the sky. It has magick enhancing properties, but is poisonous to fey.

Starlight Pools
- Pools of starlight existing in the Faerie Realms.

- Hume holy sites filled with memory stones.

- The hume god of storms and seas.

- Pocket dimensions; usually used in relation to the many subRealms created by the Seal of the Archmagi, it can also refer to any place folded within the Aegis.

Sundering - The cataclysmic event that resulted in the destruction of the Seal of the Archmagi, allowing magick (and the denizens of Lysia) back into IIo.

Sylvan - An adjective referring to any creature whose ancestors migrated to IIo from Lysia and have cast off their links to their former home (e.g. wild elves are sometimes known as sylvan elves).


Taint - Similar to the Culling, tainting affects elves and is transmitted through the blood instead of fleshy tissue.

- A dwarven word used by most subterranean races to reference the realm beneath the surface of the world. Literally means, "the hidden world," but is usually translated as "the world below."

Tasuerorin - A spoken draconic word referring to the race of sky dragons, amongst other things.

Tauren Races - Any of the races of peoples created by the elves from primitive animals of IIo.

- A word that is usually used to refer to rivals in spoken draconic. When the word "mazen" precedes "tekiom," the speaker is acknowledging their superior.

Teyrauror - The title of the emperor of the Alyres. Similar to an ancient word from Lysia referring to the ruler of a star.

Thernrealms - A great expanse of land in mid-Morin.

Throne of IIo - A colossal mesa held sacred by all of the civilizations living near it.

Torakage - An exinct race of humanoid creatures resembling tigers. Ancestors of the shadow dancers.

Towers of Aeruen, The - Refers specifically to the inner towers of that great city. The towers form a magickal nexus that amplifies the great well at the center of the city.

Trikelas, The - A mountain range southeast of the Throne of IIo in the shape of a sickle.


Uncanny Valley - The idea that the revulsion elves feel towards humes is due to their incredible similarity. This theory proposes that if humes were only a little more similar (perhaps via a lack of facial hair or elongated ears), then elves would not think of them as animals and thus would not treat them so badly. This theory is an explanation as to why humes are generally the worse treated of all races in elven slavepens and why household slaves frequently have highly regimented diets in order to remain slender and are forced to shave daily.

Undying Storm
- A massive storm centered around the Raemgis that extends to the ozone layer above, and all the way down to the center of IIo.

- A massive equine engineered by elven esolons and possessing a single pearly horn, but remarkably intelligent, telepathic and compassionate.

Unseelie - Those of the fey that live in the Realms Below.

Unthal Mountains
- A mountain range housing dark magicks west of Delanstand.

Ursa - A race of bear-like humanoids that place great value in the placement of items and adornments.


Veil - An alternative name for the Aegis; used specifically to emphasize the between of Realms.

Void - A common description used by creatures of IIo to refer to nether creatures.

Voidstones - Condensed nether magick.


Wanderer - The hume god of travel, luck and chaos. Also, the traveling companion of the Ursan god, Arcturus.

Watchtower Mountains - A small mountain range with many poisonous monsters inhabiting its slopes and tunnels.

Weald of Ealo - An expansive forest south of the Throne of IIo.

WMD - An acronym for Weapons of Mass Destruction, WMDs in IIo today use everything from dimensional explosives to magick and antimatter engines. Outlawed by the galts shortly after the Devastation, which was caused by a super-powerful WMD.

- A dwarven epithet.

Wochirden - The proper name for the chief deity of the dwarves. Believed to be the eternal, internal star of the planet and to have created all dwarves.

Wochirden's Children - The gods of the planet according to dwarven legend.

World Tree - See Yggdrasil.



Yesuria - The capitol of the Alyres, and home to the Teyrauror.

Yesurian - The language of the high elves, or an adjective referring to the Alyres or its captiol.

Yggdrasil - Believed to be the first tree, Yggdrasil takes the form of the Tree of Life sprouting from the North Pole of IIo and the Tree of Knowledge sprouting from the South Pole, but its roots travel to the center of the planet to encircle Wochirden.


Ziggurats - Ancient term for the Heavens; now used to refer to land-locked elven cities.

- Ruler of the Realm of Air; Ziz is a massive bird that dwarfs the largest roc. His home is the Tree of Knowledge at the South Pole of IIo, but it is said that he never stops flying over the planet.

Zombie Fever - A disease spread by certain breeds of feral zombies that kills more often than not. Depending on the strain, it can be spread with the slightest scratch, a bite, or even in the air. Airborne strains are thankfully quite rare. Victims that fall to zombie fever typically rise as a zombie to spread the disease to others.