Honour and Dishonour

The concepts of Honour and Dishonour are integral to the Ranian way of life and their religion and legends. At its heart, ranines believe that every action in their lives can generate Honour or Dishonour, and the goal of every ranine is to generate as much Honour as they can. This is physically manifested by Ranian magick, which utilizes personal Honour (or Dishonour) to achieve its effects, but the concept is alive in the heart of every ranine, even those not interested in magick. Ranines believe that there is a racial "pool" of Honour, and that every ranine contributes (or subtracts) from this pool. Many ranines also believe that the actions of other races can affect the pool. Ranines have many ideas, prophecies and portents about what will happen when the pool is filled (or emptied).