Yoka Council

When IIo was still young, the remaining dragons formed a great council to ensure proper stewardship of the Realm; over time, the Yoka Council progressed and developed to encompass all of dragondom. The Yoka Council is split into two groups: the general council, composed of every dragon of voting age that has not been banned; and the great council, commonly known as the elder council and consisting of a small group of typically elder dragons whose decisions sway the general council. Although the elder council is believed today to be relatively powerless in comparison to the general council, and the official belief is that they are merely a group of wise advisors, the truth is far from this and the elder council has brought entire races and even Realms to utter ruin and destruction throughout their history. In fact, the great council has existed since before the Yoka Council; it was the great council that gave the order to destroy the Aether Realms in order to defeat the BBD and create the multiverse.