Marsh of Anosh

Physical Characteristics - Natural Resources, Architecture and Peoples


The Marsh of Anosh is a small wetland in the south of the region around the Throne of IIo. It is populated chiefly by lizardfolk, although there is a small ranine presence in the north of the marsh. Wood and metal is in short supply in the marsh, and most buildings are flimsily constructed from the small shrubs and grasses of the marsh, or else are made from imported materials. This is more common with the ranines there, as the lizardfolk make do with what they have.


Many waterways exist throughout the canal, most artificial in nature, but not maintained by any particular group. These are used by the denizens of Anosh to travel quickly through the marsh. Typically, this transportation is via swimming, although other creatures traveling through the marsh may utilize canoes and other small watercraft.


There are entrances to the Trikelas from Anosh, but more alarming are the rumors of tunnels extending to the Nomans. These tunnels are believed to be the cause of the aberrant creatures that are sometimes encountered in Anosh.


Borders and Surrounding Environs


The Marsh of Anosh is nestled in the Trikelas--a mountain range that marks the southeast border of the region. Many pathways connect Anosh to the Estal Tablelands via the Trikelas, and these trails are usually patrolled by lizardfolk and/or aviadins. In other directions, the Trikelas are all but impassable. Journeys are made into the Trikelas, but never across them.


The Palana Jungles separate the marsh from the Weald of Ealo  and the Pedorian Plains. Uncharacteristically warm, the marsh is similarly warmed via proximity and connecting waterways. Many creatures outside of Anosh speak of the Palana Jungles and the Marsh of Anosh as the same, but both ranines and the lizardfolk would be offended by this.


Power Schematic


Anosh is primarily ruled by aviadins, although they are rare. The aviadins rule by proxy from the Estal Tablelands, relying on their thralls, the lizardfolk, to combat their enemies. The ranines are uninterested in both aviadins and lizardfolk, but often come into conflict with the lizardfolk via continual adventuring parties deep into the marsh. Fiercely territorial, the lizardfolk view the ranines as a blight on the marsh, and persecute them with vengeance whenever the opportunity arises. As such, the ranines have not been able to establish any sizable settlement in the southern marshes, and nearly all of their communities are close to the Palana Jungles.


Civilizations and Organizations


As the ranines have only a token force in the marsh, and the lizardfolk have no true civilization of their own, the marsh is considered uncivilized wilds by most creatures outside of Anosh. This is more or less true, however, after the events of The Throne of IIo, lizardfolk civilization advances, and progress is made.


Defenses and Technology


The Marsh of Anosh relies on the Trikelas to prevent incursion, but the many natural and artificial waterways throughout the marsh enable quick deployment of troops to meet any force. This is especially utilized once Longtooth comes to power; after this time, the canals are maintained and policed.


Known and Unknown History


The Marsh is a result of the intermingling of waterways--those branching off the Sryfe River/Trikelas and those whose origins come from the Palana Jungles. The lowland valley nestled in the Trikelas was inundated with water, and the marsh was formed from the mixture of climates.


The lizardfolk slaves of the aviadins in the Estal Tablelands were resettled in the marsh to further expand  the dominion of the aviadins. As each generation of lizardfolk is purged, the new generation is taught only what the aviadins want them to believe, and so now the lizardfolk believe that they have lived in the marsh since the beginning of time.


Before the lizardfolk, there were the ranines however. Long ago, the ranines spread across the Palana Jungles and found the marsh to be suitable for habitation. They created many settlements as they spread across the marsh to the Trikelas, where they bartered with the creatures there for ore and metal. However, far in the south, a rising of aberrant creatures hailing from beyond the Noman Mountains began. These creatures were more nightmare than flesh and blood, and the village after village of the ranines was razed--their inhabitants slaughtered. To combat such creatures, the ranines relied on their paladins and sword saints. Finally, a paladin of singular military ability took the fight to the creatures, and began winning.


The paladin believed that peace was not possible with the nightmares--previous attempts to capture or free the creatures resulted in great bloodshed. As such, the paladin began slaughtering the beasts even after they were defeated. Finally, he battled them back to the site of the beginning of their invasion. Here, the paladin's own troops rebelled in order to prevent him from further dishonor. Forced to slaughter his own men, the paladin-turned-blackguard turned to the nightmares and made peace with them. It is not known whether he took the name, or the ranines of that time began calling him it, but the blackguard was from then on known as Anosh--a word that means dishonor in the language of the ranines.


At the head of an unstoppable host of nightmares, Anosh battled north to the Palana Jungles. There he destroyed many ancient honor pools until he was finally mortally wounded by his former race. The nightmares swarmed their old enemy and now leader, and rushed him back to the southern Trikelas. There they tended him until he finally passed on.


Many of the Ranian paladins rise as a sword saint when they pass on; so it was with the ex-paladin Anosh. Maddened by his death and betrayal by his own kind, the newly dead Anosh turned on the nightmares, slaying them in one final act of dishonor. The tunnels under the Trikelas collapsed upon Anosh and his nightmarish hosts.


The Marsh of Anosh, the site of both the ranines' and the once-glorious paladin's dishonor, was abandoned by the ranines. Years passed. The lizardfolk communities prospered and dealt with the evil of the marsh internally. Finally though, whispers came to the ranines of the Palana Jungles that Anosh had risen from the marsh along with the ancient aberrations--creatures that had become even more evil and powerful in death.


And so the ranines began to venture into the Marsh of Anosh once more--with the hopes of someday making up for the ancient dishonor of Anosh.


Beliefs, Legends, and Folklore


The lizardfolk believe that the marsh is both a gift and a penance. Awarded the lands by their aviadin masters, they also must tame the wilds and nightmares of the land before being given the chance to gain salvation in the armies of the aviadins.


The ranines fear the marsh, and have lost many brave and honorable souls to it--Anosh included. They have many superstitions about the marsh and the aberrations making their homes in it. Most ranines believe that Anosh will not rest until a ranine balances his dishonor with some great honor--and banishes the aberrations from the marsh once and for all; no small task.


Relations, Alliances, and Vendettas


The ranines and lizardfolk fiercely fight with each other when the lizardfolk are ordered against them, but outside of the aviadin armies, many ranines and lizardfolk are able to meet under some level of peace. Still, both sides err on the side of caution, and no blow is spared when they do enter combat with each other. The strongest alliance of the region is the "alliance" between the lizardfolk and the aviadins.


Related Places


The Marsh of Anosh is the result of the waters of the Palana River intermingling with those waterways flowing from the Trikelas.


In ages past, there existed a pathway from the Marsh of Anosh to the Deadlands, but this pathway has been lost to the ages.