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Reviews are something that I occasionally do. If there's some media you'd like me to consider reviewing, please query me at the above address with "Submission" in the subject line along with the type of media, i.e. book, album, video, etc. I've got a bit of a backlog with reviews currently, but if there's something interesting, I will try to make room for it. I prefer speculative fiction (of any type), pop nonfiction (that is, nonfiction written for laymen), and items that I can actually use, but you're welcome to query with anything.

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P.S. I am not accepting submissions for publication through Apocalypse Designs currently, although I am available to hire as a consultant (editing, advice, design, critique, etc).

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About the Author:

Robert Richardson was born and raised in Ohio, but from a very early age, he always lived in a fantasy world of one sort or another. Daunted by the sheer number of Robert Richardson’s in America, he adopted the pseudonym Zero Angel to distinguish himself from the others. He graduated from Youngstown State University with a degree in mathematics before returning for his master’s degree. He teaches math part-time while spending the rest of his time pursuing adventures in the world of War of the Ages and spending time with his future wife, Samantha.

Author Vitals:

Robert "Zero Angel" Richardson
March 5th, 1985
Apocalypse Designs
PO Box 35
Columbiana, OH 44408-0035

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Quick Facts
 Release Date:
July 13, 2012
 Est. Page Count:
373 pages
Est. Highest Amazon Sales Rank
 Genre:Fantasy / Speculative Fiction
 Subgenres:Action, Adventure, Bildungsroman, Epic, Superhero

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