To Parents and Ratings

Although fiction has always been a gray area in terms of what is acceptable to certain age groups, Zero has the following message for parents of readers and those concerned about adult content in each story.

When I was a child, I never had any barriers between what I was able to read and what I was allowed to read. I'm not saying this is best for everyone, in fact, I suspect I'm a little bit of a special case. Still, it is interesting that the librarians' only concern was my reading level when checking out adult fiction. Many people assume that since there is not a visual or audio element to fiction, that it is OK to consume it all I suppose.

I doubt that it is OK for everyone. As a parent or even as one that is concerned about what they expose themselves to, it is important to know what types of situations books may contain.

Know that I am foremost an adult fiction writer, and as such my intended audience is one composed primarily of adults. Most of my tales do have adult situations. There are some works written that all are able to enjoy, but they may be the exception, not the rule. Books and stories written for children will be under the name "Robby Richardson" or "Zero Richardson", and without the "Zero Angel" pen name explicitly mentioned.

In the following ratings, I describe what I believe would be the rating if the book was translated directly to screen, what sort of explicit content might be contained in its pages and an expected audience. As always, one must be their own judge. These are not meant to be comprehensive, but rather designed to give an idea of what to expect. If you do have any questions, please feel free to ask via e-mail.

By providing these descriptions, I am by no means recommending them for specific audiences and you should use your own judgement before allowing your children to consume these works.


Zero Angel's War of the Ages: The Throne of Ao
Adult Fiction - Fantasy, General & Epic
Novel, ~396 pages.
Direct Movie Rating: PG-13 or R (depending on directorial choices)
Contains magick; graphic violence; fantasy violence; fantasy-based adult language; adult situations; implied sexual content; brief nudity; descriptions of plague, madness, and war; alcohol.

"Zero Angel's The Change"
Adult Fiction - Horror, Zombie & Psychological
Short Story, ~20 pages
Direct Movie Rating: R
Contains supernatural horror; psychological horror; zombies; graphic violence; explicit language; adult situations; implied sexual content; descriptions of torture, madness, and disease.

Zero's Mathematics: "Overcoming Math Anxiety and How to Be Successful in Mathematics: The Language of Mathematics and How to Love Math Again"
Adult Nonfiction - Science, Mathematics & Mathematics Education
Short, ~50 pages
Direct Documentary Rating: PG
Contains math; some adult language.

Zero's Mathematics: "Arithmetic and Number Sense: The 'Basics' of Math We Are Never Taught"
Adult Nonfiction - Science, Mathematics & Mathematics Education
Short, ~50 pages
Direct Documentary Rating: PG
Contains math; some adult language.