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Gunner and other news

posted Oct 1, 2010, 6:42 AM by Zero Richardson
Hello everyone,

As part of our initiative to promote quality material, we've added a link to Gunner RPG in the links page. If there are other multiverses out there that you think should be mentioned in our links page, tell us about them! Apocalypse Designs is all about promoting quality work from whoever, whether it is from members of our team or abroad.

Gunner is one of the funnest pen-and-paper RPGs I've ever had the pleasure to play, and I'm looking forward to whatever else comes from its creator and I hope everyone can check out the site. If you like the forum, sign up and start posting! You'll see me on there from time to time as well. Oh! And tell them that Zero Angel referred you!

In other news, Issue 002 of WotA Online is available on the website right now! It contains the prologue from Book I in its final version. We're still moving forward with our plans of publishing, although our schedule has been slowed down--quality takes time unfortunately. So the pre-sale is still going on! We also are extending our offer of having each pre-sale autographed by the author.

The Autumn issue of WotA online will be more horror-oriented than it is focused on Book I.