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Writings from IIo Update - "Oberon, the Adversary"

posted Jul 13, 2010, 9:02 AM by Zero Richardson   [ updated Jul 13, 2010, 9:08 AM ]
Secret teachings of the Unseelie and their captured hume children have been stolen from the Faerie Realms and is available for the first time! Dictated by Titiania, Ruler of the Unseelie and Queen of All Fey, these notes tell the history of Oberon's fall and rise and fall and rise to power! They paint Lord Oberon as an archnemesis of hume-kind that has been intimately involved in hume history from its beginning! Although the source of the essay calls its validity into question, Lady Titiania is the wife of Oberon and they have been enemies since the creation of the Faerie Realms, its worth as an insight into faerie politics and history is immeasurable.

Read it for yourself to find out more!

"Oberon, the Adversary: Dictations by Titiania, Queen of the Unseelie" is a part of WotA's Month of Short Fiction, each day until August 1st will feature either an essay or short story posted on, or a short story will be submitted to one of several online magazines for future publications.