Hello, welcome to the submission guidelines for Zero Angel's War of the Ages.

We regret that we are currently closed to fiction submissions.

Art submissions:

We are currently accepting art submissions. We do not offer monetary compensation, but will include a link to the artist's website on and we will occasionally choose an artist to be in our Featured Artist column in the WotA Online magazine.

What We Are Looking For:

We are looking for polished artwork set in the WotA Multiverse. If some aspect of WotA appeals to you and you have an idea for a piece but would like to know more, please query us. We accept pieces based on locations, maps, people, monsters, magick, and more.

Submission Process:

The first step in the submissions process is to query us. Please e-mail with your request to submit your work. You will receive an e-mail back with further instructions. Please do NOT send attachments to this address as your message will be deleted without opening.

Detail of Rights:

1. All elements of War of the Ages, including characters, monsters, stories and more, are owned by Robert Richardson. If you base a work in our universe, we must insist that reference to Zero Angel's War of the Ages be given wherever your work appears with a link to
2. Apocalypse Designs receives the to reproduce your work in our online magazine, WotA Online,
2. Apocalypse Designs receives the nonexclusive rights to reproduce your work in any format, including being placed in the archive on for perpetuity.