Table of Contents

A Word from Zero Angel

The author speaks frankly about The Throne of IIo and the publishing drive, upcoming short stories, and the expanding world of War of the Ages.

Diseases of IIo

Few afflictions are so feared as the great Culling of the Humes, but the Culling affects so many more than just humes. Get the scoop here.

The Teyrauror and the Alyres

The amazing origin of the high elves, their great empire and emperors. The Teyrauror, "the highest of the high," may be the most powerful creature on the planet.

Exclusive Sneak-Peak

Read the exciting beginning of The Throne of IIo! (If you prefer to print, please make sure your settings are 2 pages per sheet and landscape format.)

Spotlight on Location

The Throne of IIo is a gigantic mesa with therapeutic hot springs within. It is a holy site to the many races of the region, but contains secrets and mysteries that will not be unlocked until the events of Book I.

The Extinction of Dragons

The dragons molded IIo and its sun from the dust of the multiverse, but mysteriously vanished after the Lumen Masolovat. Read the amazing story of how the most powerful beings in the multiverse went extinct.

Spotlight on Character

Val, Uri, and Maryl's adventures throughout the first book are the stuff of legends. Meet the heroic trio for the first time and get some insight into their background.

Spotlight on Religion

The Mother and the Nemesis are locked together in war throughout the ages of the planet; read the amazing story of these two for the first time and gain some insight into the hume religion on IIo.

Order Book I - The Throne of IIo

We are extending the publishing drive for The Throne of IIo. With the extension, we are also continuing our offer of autograph copies to all that participate in the publishing drive. Please order today!