A Word from Zero Angel

Another season drawing to a close, another issue of WotA Online.

I hope you are enjoying the new format. Making the issue entirely online allows it to be more interactive and always up-to-date. For those that are missing a .pdf they can print, one will be made available soon.

Everybody wants to know about The Throne of IIo. The publishing drive is being extended and we still plan to print this year. The book is completely finished. We are waiting to hear back from several printers before making a final decision because we want to guarantee the best possible product made available for you.

In Spring, we announced the launch of WotA facebook, myspace, and twitter sites. Today, our focus has shifted from the pages of the web to the pages of books. In July and August, over twenty original short stories set in the WotA multiverse were completed. Some of these are already available for download in the Writings from IIo and Online Stories sections of the website, others are so good that they've been sent out to be published by a variety of magazines, but all will eventually be seen here.

WotA continues to grow. In the coming seasons, you will get the chance to experience one of the greatest fantasy novels in one of the greatest fantasy multiverses ever created. But if you're lucky, you'll also get to adventure in the WotA multiverse with a new RPG in the works, as well as write and draw your own stories and characters. A d20 sytem RPG is in the works and we are working through the legalese of allowing writers and artists to submit their work to us to be featured on ApocalypseDesigns.com and in WotA Online.

While you wait for the release of Book I, this issue of WotA Online is dedicated to the behind the scenes of the book. Be the first to read the prologue; see the main characters for the first time and read about their exploits; find out more about the deadly Culling while reading about the therapeutic hot springs of the Throne; finally, explore the creation story of the humes, the origin of the high elves, and the extinction of the dragons.


~Zero Angel