Spotlight on: Valistair, Maryl and Uriel

Valistair Speakerson

Val, as his friends call him, is the son of Ordamir, Speaker for their small village located in the valley south of the Unthal Mountains.

His mother died to the Culling, a mysterious disease that feeds on hume magicks, and Val has been a very serious youth ever since. Only his younger sister, Kitialyn, and his best friend, Uriel, are able to get him to relax and have fun.

Val practices ceaselessly with staffs, spears, and pikes--much more than is required to help defend the village against wandering monsters. But his favorite weapon is his wooden practice sword; a weapon he chooses even when facing lethal adversaries.

Val is believed to be one of the best warriors in the village, and all look forward to the day he will follow in his father's footsteps to become the next Speaker.


Maryl, the chosen name of Gasoloruallorenforusmaryl, is a young gnomish empath, only the second empath in his village in the last three centuries.

The son of Gnasoloru, the great spirit shaman and leader of Grael, Maryl is forced to learn and understand his magicks without a teacher in order to bring prestige and honor to his home.

Maryl knows well the danger of his magicks. Empathy magicks are a double-edged sword, or rather, a poisoned poultice. By altering the emotions of those around him, Maryl inflicts brain trauma as well, and he must always weigh the possible damage with the amount of good his magicks might do.

Maryl's grandfather was the last empath of their village. He died to madness and other complications arising from his use of empathy.

Uriel Ardrest

An apprentice elementalist of seemingly impossible power, Uriel is the son of Altaim, a great forester who is unfortunately magickless.

His mother died in a magickal accident when Uriel was still young, but his family is large and loving. He has several brothers and sisters--so many that Uriel rarely remembers all their names. Uriel's best friend is Val, and Val is the only one that Uriel let's use the nickname, "Uri."

Uriel's power far outstrips his control of the deadly magicks, and only Inoullius, his master-in-magick, is able to match Uriel in power and control the brash youth. Magickal "accidents" follow Uriel everywhere as he pushes his burgeoning magicks to ever greater levels.

Uriel counts Val and Kitialyn as his only friends and would do anything to protect them.