Spotlight on: the Mother and the Nemesis

Joy and the Humes

In the beginning, there was the Mother. A woman of unparalleled beauty, love and happiness. She bound the dark one, a woman of unparalleled ugliness, hatred and anger, deep inside the Moon, and kept her from holding dominion over IIo.

Over the aeons the Mother spent wandering the planet, she grew lonely. And so, the seed of her happiness buried itself inside of her, taking root and growing inside her belly until finally, Joy, the first child of the Mother, was born. From her lunar prison, the Nemesis of All seethed with anger. She coveted Joy for herself.

Overcome by Joy, the Mother laughed, and her laughter echoed across all of IIo, resounding against the mountains and valleys. Her laughter coalesced into a great race of men. In those days, they were known as the laughing people: the humes.

To the humes, the Mother entrusted her only child. The humes happily guarded the child and watched over her while the Mother retired from IIo to live within the Sun.

Jealousy and War

But the humes were as plentiful as laughter was in those days, and only a few could watch over the young goddess at any given time.

Bound within her celestial prison, the Nemesis could do nothing but shine her reflected light upon IIo. The humes looking up to the moon in turn grew jealous and a great war erupted across IIo as humes struggled against one another for the first time in history. The Nemesis was blithely unaware of the effect she had on the humes, and did not take notice as the humes began to war.

Busy watching over the cosmos, ensuring the passage of the stars, and the continuance of the eternal summer of IIo, the Mother too did not notice the war that had gripped IIo.

The war's end came to pass, but there could be no victor, for Joy was gone. Too late did the humes realize their folly: they could not take Joy from another, they could only share her.

Without Joy, "hume" came to mean, "those that once laughed," and there were even those that called them, "humon," "the grieving."

The Death of the Sun

The glorious goddess of the Sun, the Mother of All, discovered the vile treachery of the humes and the loss of her only daughter, Joy.

The Mother's desolation was total. The Sun grew dark and cold and endless winter came to IIo. In her grief and weakness, the Mother released the magickal nexus binding the Nemesis. The goddess of destruction burst free from her prison to wreak vengeance upon IIo.

If Joy could not be hers, then the humes of IIo would never know anything but despair. Endless war gripped the humes as plague, famine, and death stalked their every night.

The All-Mother turned from her planet and her people. She would do nothing to help the murderers of her daughter. In her great despair, another seed began to grow within the Mother, but its growth was terribly slow.

Days turned into months. Months turned into years. The humes had no one to turn to as the small seed continued to grow within the Mother. The Mother remained despondent as the Nemesis enjoyed her long reign over IIo.

Finally, Hope was born.


Hope could not help her mother. She turned from the darkened Sun and went out amongst the humes. Hope spread from person to person and people to people.

The wars began to stop. Soon, the humes were once again united. Hope made all this possible. The combined voices of all the humes and of their Hope begged the All-Mother to intervene and protect them from the adversary, from the All-Nemesis.

Yet still, the Sun remained dark.

Hope understood. And the humes understood Hope.

The Mother of All would not always protect them from the evils of the world, no matter how much she might wish to, there were times when not even she could.

And so the humes entered into the last great war. A war fought alongside their brothers, not against them, a war against the one true enemy that had been against them since before they were born.

The humes, with Hope on their side, stood no chance against the Nemesis.

Countless millions died until only Hope remained before the Nemesis of All.

The Nemesis laid claim to Hope then. Joy might not have ever been able to be hers, but Hope was. Hope was the reason why so many humes had died. Hope was her tool against them.

Still, Hope struggled. And when the last of Hope's strength finally gave out before the Nemesis, she chose death before servitude.

With the End of Hope, the Sun flared back to life. The Mother finally could let herself feel again. Let herself be again. And she felt fury.

The Mother and all her righteous fury descended upon the destroyer of her children.

Their struggle raged across the cosmos, but the Nemesis had grown stronger with the death of Hope and of so many humes, while the Mother had grown weaker.

They were evenly matched.

They remain evenly matched.

For every dawn, there is a dusk.

For every spring, there is a fall.

For every birth, there is always a death.

Until one of the All-Goddesses can triumph over the other, humes will never know Joy and Hope again.