The Alyres and the Teyrauror

Nearly 70 million years ago, the creature that would become the first Teyrauror discovered the Lithia. A miniature Gate formed within the space one's own body occupied on the Astral Realm, the Lithia allowed the Teyrauror to manipulate the magicks of the Realm of Lysia directly. His discovery attracted others to him.

The Alyres was formed from these creatures--those  that would someday be known as the high elves. Each of the creatures formed their own Lithia and accessed the magicks of their Realm for the first time. Armed with their new magicks, the elves began asserting themselves on Lysia. They enjoyed mastery over their surroundings to a degree never believed possible. Soon, the armies of the Alyres marched across the lands, leaving great zigguarats in their wake that towered over all the Alyres controlled. This is when this sect of elves began being called, "the high elves."

Their leader was appointed the Teyrauror, "the highest of the high." With their magicks and their great Teyrauror, the Alyres soon ruled over all of Lysia. In honor of their greatness, the high elves began building the greatest of their great ziggurats, one so high that they might pierce the heavens of Lysia and seize the power of the star gods for themselves.

The gods were not pleased, to say the least. Nova, the god of the sun of Lysia, grew more and more furious and more and more maddened as the desecration of Lysia continued. As the centuries passed and the great ziggurat neared completion, Nova lost sight of his chosen people. He wished only to purge the planet below of all its evil. In the last days before the ziggurat was finished, the sun flickered and wavered dangerously, flooding the planet with radiation and wild magicks.

Finally, Nova could not bear his own terrible rage any longer. The sun of Lysia exploded with all of his fury. The ziggurat was annihilated and their great Teyrauror was lost. Yet Lysia was not saved. The great magicks Nova unleashed could not be reined in and to this day the wreckage of his star burns in the permanent night sky of Lysia, bombarding the planet below with magick and radiation.

Still the high elves survived. Across the lands of Lysia, great Gates began opening to another Realm, the Realm of IIo. In their terrible fear of the continuing devastation from their former god, the high elves fled through the Gates.

Any refuge in a storm.

Even a refuge facing its own terrible apocalypse, so long as it was not the destruction of the high elves, the Alyres would weather any cataclysm. And they found themselves empowered on IIo. Through the Gates, leylines of pure magick forced their way into and around IIo. The high elves drew upon the leylines and smiled at the new dawn of their kind.

The leylines allowed them to build their own heavens, cities of elven steel and magick floating above the devastation of IIo below. Now they were truly high elves.

Another Teyrauror was chosen to lead and the Alyres spread out across the world once more.