Spotlight on: The Throne of IIo

The Throne of IIo is much more than just the location the events of Book I spiral around.

The Throne itself is a gigantic mesa rising from at the northern edge of the Pedorian Plains, just south of the Ceruphal Wastes. Four smaller mesas surround the Throne proper, and many are the creatures that remark that these appear to be the arms of the throne. The mesas are perfectly aligned along the NW-SE and NE-SW lines through the Throne. At the base of the Throne, the land rises more gradually, and many creatures seek shelter in the shadow of the Throne, although only the Ursa live there year-round. The Throne is a holy site to the races of the region, and it is rare that violence breaks out there. In the last 100 years, only the aviadins and their thralls, the lizardfolk have dared to try to seize the Throne.

Atop the main mesa of the Throne, lies a giant glittering dome: the Tear of Arcturus, also known as the Crown of IIo. This is usually the first site of the Throne that creatures see as they start to cross the flatlands of the region. Many creatures use the Throne as a guide in their travels. For centuries, the magicks of the Tear have attracted magickers and scholars, yet the question of who or what created the Tear and for what purpose has never been solved. Inside the dome, a great amphitheater with carved stone steps houses a large dwarven starshard. The starshard is suspended in the center of the dome and is tied to the magickal network of the Tear and Throne.

Many creatures take note of the warm stone floors of the Throne, but this is easily explained. Pilgrims and other visitors to the Throne have known of the many restorative hot springs throughout the underground network of caverns within the Throne. The waters are considered holy by most, and some travel hundreds of leagues just for the chance to bathe or drink from these waters. Dwarves refuse to connect to the Throne from Tarchannenalt (the world below), as they believe it would upset the balance of the magicks of the Throne.

No one has an explanation for why the hot springs exist however, as below the Throne, they cannot find any evidence of geothermal activity.

Many are the features of the Throne of IIo that defy explanation, and some will be answered in Book I. Keep coming back to Zero Angel's War of the Ages to find out more!