Welcome to Zero's Mathematics!

Zero’s Mathematics is a series of “math help” sections designed to take the reader from no knowledge of mathematics through calculus. Although best used in conjunction with each other, they are split up so the reader that knows where their gaps and misunderstandings lay may only acquire the information they are looking for and not be forced to purchase unnecessary information.

Zero’s Mathematics is one teacher’s attempt to teach the mathematics that should be being taught to students of math today. Math classes everywhere are teaching students to do long multiplication without teaching why we add; teaching cross multiplication without asking why. “Why” is one of the most important questions in mathematics and by teaching mechanical processes without considering their place in mathematics as a field we set students up to be no better than machines.

We are frequently taught to accept mathematical fact as being handed down from on-high, when the reality is that everything in mathematics has a reason. I always say that you can memorize your way through a class, but you can't memorize your way through life. We need to develop real understanding of mathematical concepts and processes so that we do not have to relearn everything in each year of mathematics. When we understand the material, then there is no undue strain learning new mathematics! This series of math help sections is my attempt to help foster that understanding. I hope I am able to help you!
Section 0 at Kindle

Section 0: Overcoming Math Anxiety and How to Be Successful in Mathematics: Math as a Language and How to Love Math Again is available for $0.99 on Kindle.

Section 1: Arithmetic and Number Sense: The 'Basics' of Mathematics We Are Never Taught is available for $2.99 on Kindle.